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Mon - Fri: 8:30 - 5:00


Bookkeeping Services
Assist with tracking invoices, keep records of important information listed on invoices, monitor due dates, classify invoice line items to the correct accounts, prepare and issue checks to pay vendor invoices, etc.
Prepare and issue invoices to customers, receive payments, make deposits, maintain accounts receivable aging reports, contact customers with past due invoices, record deposits to the correct accounts, etc.
Ensure federal and state payroll forms are on file for each employee, maintain employee information in payroll software to ensure withholdings are in line with employee elections, prepare and issue checks to employees every pay day, respond to employee compensation questions, pay federal and state payroll taxes, timely file federal and state payroll reports, etc.
Assist management with preparing budget at the beginning of the year, compare actual financial results to the budget on a monthly basis, provide management with explanations when there are significant variances, etc.
Reconcile cash per recorded transactions to cash shown on bank statement on a monthly basis, identify outstanding checks and incoming deposits, identify mistakes when cash doesn’t reconcile, post missing transactions and corrections to complete reconciliation, etc.
Tax Preparation and Consulting
Prepare C-Corporation (Form 1120), S-Corporation (Form 1120-S), Partnership (Form 1065), Not-for-Profit (Form 990), and Sole Proprietor (Schedule C) tax returns.
Prepare individual (Form 1040) tax returns for all income levels.
Calculate quarterly estimated tax payments to minimize under-payment penalties
Represent clients in responding to IRS notices and audits
Assist clients in applying for New Mexico managed audit and corresponding with tax auditor to disclose unreported taxes
Help clients understand if presence exists in any given state(s) and whether portential tax liability exists.
Prepare monthly/quarterly sales/use tax returns in accordance with applicable state & local statutes
Review previously filed tax returns to ensure accuracy.  Upon discovery of inaccuracy, file amended tax return to request refund.
Use year-to-date activity to project multiple tax scenarios to help client make short and long term decisions with tax consequences/benefits in mind.
Outsourced Controller Services
Provide financial statement auditor with requested information, answer questions, and help draft financial statements
Provide tax return preparer with requested information, answer questions, and prepare tax workpapers.
Prepare year-end financial statements to provide to tax return preparer, banks, and management.
Help client create a strong internal control system to minimize risk of fraud or misstatement of financials.
Help client understand the pros and cons of different types of entity formation and assist with filing formation documents